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Airwalker Balloons

At Hi–Flyers Balloons we have the most extensive range of helium airwalker balloons anywhere in the country.

These large Airwalker party balloons come in various shapes and sizes, from Disney characters to Bride and Groom. They are weighted so that they will walk around your function room.

A sample of the helium airwalker balloons we offer are listed below.

Bride Helium Balloons Glasgow

Bride Airwalker

Groom Helium Balloons

Groom Airwalker

Winnie the Pooh Helium Balloons

Winnie the Pooh

Mickey Mouse Helium Balloons Glasgow

Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse Helium Balloons

Minnie Mouse

Bugs Bunny Helium Balloons

Bugs Bunny

Tweety Pie Helium Balloons

Tweety Pie

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